About Us

My name is Ray Walker and I'm an industrial designer. Over the course of my 20 year career, I’ve designed hundreds of products for many different companies. Now, I'm finally designing something for myself.  A couple of years ago my wife, Sheila, came to me, with a look of frustration; she pulled a tangled rat's nest of earbuds out of her purse - and said, “You’re a product designer— can you fix this?” So I sat down with some earbuds and a sketch pad.    
After a couple of days doodling, untangling, and making some quick mock-ups, it became clear that this had to be a soft goods solution.
So, I bought some fabrics and dusted off the sewing machine.  Being a self-taught 'seamstress', the first prototypes were extremely crude. I spent more time breaking needles and threading bobbins than building prototypes.  Finally, I dialed in my sewing skills and made some pretty decent functional prototypes.  The more I tested the initial prototypes, the more features I added to make it better.  
After I came to a final design I began sourcing prototypes from manufactures. Shortly there after I launched a Kickstarter campaign to validate my fun, little gizmo.  The response was incredible! Now we are shipping Spoolees all over the world.